Vehicle Graphics


The following is a series of vehicle graphics that I designed for various clients during my time with Lettering Express out of Oklahoma City. With all projects, I worked with the clients to make the biggest impact within budget as well as working with installers to make the most efficient design possible.

A partial wrap designed for DNA Racing, a bike racing team in Oklahoma. I used elements from their racing jerseys to create a graphic that would translate to a vehicle.
Detail shot
Detail shot
Design for a school bus in Oklahoma. I had to adjust elements of the artwork to work with the hard lines of the bus, as well as vectorize the tiger artwork that was a low resolution raster image.
Detail shot
A partial wrap for DNA Designs. With a very limited budget, we utilized wrap film as opposed to digital print to save the customer money and maximize visual impact.
Detail shot
During my time with Lettering Express, I would occasionally get weird and fun requests. When a handyman asked to make his work van look like a hot wheels, I was more than happy to help.