Morning Exercises

Morning Exercises is a daily design exercise in which I build compositions using only primary colors, basic shapes, and a weird funky cylinder that I like. I’m taking inspiration from Bauhaus and Modernist masters, as well as contemporary influences. Follow along with my progress on Instagram by checking the hashtag #raneyseries.

OK Podcast Presents Topless Comedy Shoot

Local podcast An OK Podcast had scheduled a benefit show with an interesting premise. It was to be a comedy show where all male comics would go onstage topless. It was a silly idea for a good cause, all profits from the show went to the Cimmaron Alliance. However, first things first, we needed to […]

HubBub Improv Logo Design

HubBub Improv is a local improv troupe performing every week at The Venue OKC. I had the pleasure of putting together an identity for them. The logo is meant to match the crackle of a live improv performance, with the lightning bolts added in a spontaneous manner. Also included are unused variations.

Artsy Beatdown Title Cards

Artsy Beatdown was a comedy showcase held every Live on the Plaza event at The Venue OKC. The beauty of the show was getting to introduce these great local comics to an audience that might not necessarily see much live local standup. In order to give these comics as much exposure as possible, I designed […]

Artsy Beatdown Illustrations

Artsy Beatdown was a comedy showcase held every Live on the Plaza event at The Venue OKC. These initial illustrations were used for show fliers and social media. The concept was to show unusual fights to highlight the spontaneity and excitement of the comedy shows. These drawings were done with pen and ink and then […]

Vehicle Graphics

  The following is a series of vehicle graphics that I designed for various clients during my time with Lettering Express out of Oklahoma City. With all projects, I worked with the clients to make the biggest impact within budget as well as working with installers to make the most efficient design possible.  

Logos and Identities

My favorite thing about creating a logo for someone is getting to learn about an industry or learn the inner workings of an organization. The following marks are just a handful of the logos I’ve had the opportunity to work on. These logos were made during my time as a designer at Lettering Express, and […]

Show Fliers and Illustrations

I love doing show fliers, as they usually give me a chance to stretch myself creatively and throw down some illustration and hand lettering. Over the years I’ve had opportunities to meet and work with a lot of cool bands and comedians to put together show fliers, some of which I’ve had the pleasure of […]