Logos and Identities

Logo concepts for an improv comedy troupe operating out of Oklahoma City.
Various logos created during my time as a designer for Lettering Express.

My favorite thing about creating a logo for someone is getting to learn about an industry or learn the inner workings of an organization. The following marks are just a handful of the logos I’ve had the opportunity to work on.

Show Fliers and Illustrations

I love doing show fliers, as they usually give me a chance to stretch myself creatively and throw down some illustration and hand lettering. Over the years I’ve had opportunities to meet and work with a lot of cool bands and comedians to put together show fliers, some of which I’ve had the pleasure of performing in as a stand up comedian. The following are some of the highlights of the fliers I’ve put together.

Flier done for Ft Worth TX band The Quaker City Night Hawks. The whale imagery was taken from their song lyrics.
A flier for a DIY music venue in Ft Worth.
A flier for a monthly showcase comedy show in Oklahoma City.
A social media flier for a comedy show benefiting the Cimarron Alliance LGBT Equality Center in Oklahoma City.

Vehicle Graphics


The following is a series of vehicle graphics that I designed for various clients during my time with Lettering Express out of Oklahoma City. With all projects, I worked with the clients to make the biggest impact within budget as well as working with installers to make the most efficient design possible.

A partial wrap designed for DNA Racing, a bike racing team in Oklahoma. I used elements from their racing jerseys to create a graphic that would translate to a vehicle.
Detail shot
Detail shot
Detail shot
Design for a school bus in Oklahoma. I had to adjust elements of the artwork to work with the hard lines of the bus, as well as vectorize the tiger artwork that was a low resolution raster image.
Detail shot
A partial wrap for DNA Designs. With a very limited budget, we utilized wrap film as opposed to digital print to save the customer money and maximize visual impact.
Detail shot
During my time with Lettering Express, I would occasionally get weird and fun requests. When a handyman asked to make his work van look like a hot wheels, I was more than happy to help.